ORINOX Reinvents the Integrated Engineering and Design Data Edition

With a few clicks in the OCWS interface Console, customers can provision a high-quality cloud graphics desktop experience.

It provides a high quality cloud graphics desktop experience to any number of users at a competitive cost with traditional desktops and half the cost of most Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions.

ORINOX WorkSpaces allow the engineering and design team to work on the same collaborative environment.

ORINOX WorkSpaces are a managed graphics desktop computing service for plant integrated design & engineering running on the OCWS Cloud and powered by Amazon AWS. ORINOX WorkSpaces allow customers to easily provision certified cloud-based graphics desktops that allow end-users to access AVEVA IE&D (PDMS & E3D, P&ID or Diagrams, Engineering, Electrical, Instrumentation) solution, digital asset data & documents they need on supported devices including Windows and Mac computers, Chromebooks, iPads, Fire tablets, Android tablets, and Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

Why use WorkSpaces

Global & Collaborative

ORINOX WorkSpaces allow the engineering and design team to work on the same collaborative environment. From EMEA, ASIA Pacific to Americas, users team and authorized sub-contractors can work together on a unique Digital Asset instance.

40% cost saving

The ORINOX WorkSpaces cost is competitive among traditional desktops and half the cost of most Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Optimized performances

All WorkSpaces are powered by Amazon for graphics intensive applications. ORINOX WorkSpaces can include pre-installed softwares such as: AVEVA E3D and PDMS, AVEVA P&ID and Diagrams, AVEVA Engineering, AVEVA Electrical and Instrumentation. In addition, the ORINOX WorkSpaces also support Microsoft Office, Visio, Project, AutoDesk and NavisWorks, and Trend micro antivirus.


ORINOX WorkSpaces is compliant with high secure standard ISO 27000 and SOC 1.

Time to project saving

Creating new users requires minimal effort using the OCWS interface website. AVEVA and ORINOX templates, catalogues and sample data are available from all WorkSpaces to speed-up the project set up schedule.


No upfront costs

Users only pay for the WorkSpaces they launch, and there are no upfront fees.

Use cases

All ORINOX WorkSpaces bundles include a Microsoft Windows 7 desktop experience, and the following applications are pre-installed: AVEVA PDMS ; AVEVA E3D, AVEVA P&ID AVEVA Diagrams, AVEVA Engineering, AVEVA Electrical, AVEVA Instrumentation, AVEVA ALS, MS Office, MS Visio, MS project. You can also install any other software that you already own licenses for on your ORINOX WorkSpaces at any time.

Plant Engineers/ Designers

ORINOX WorkSpaces Graphics bundles are designed for process engineers and plant designers to use as an alternative to expensive graphics-capable workstations. ORINOX WorkSpaces can be used to run computer-aided design, manufacturing, and engineering software. ORINOX WorkSpaces includes pre-installed AVEVA suite, Microsoft Suite, Autocad & Autodesk, NavisWorks…

Administrators / IT

ORINOX WorkSpaces bundles are designed for Administrators and IT, and is lowering risk of duplicated content, is offering a unique method and automated reporting thanks to centralised data. There is no more need for IT infrastructures.

How to use WorkSpaces

Create an OCWS account.

Select an ORINOX WorkSpaces.

Select the digital asset.

Log in.

Start the collaborative work experience.