ORINOX increases your productivity and your quality

How much time do you spend producing good deliverables ?

ORINOX Tools is a platform composed by different tools, developed by ORINOX to improve your productivity and your quality around AVEVA solutions.

These tools are divided into three groups:

  • Deliverables tools, that automate your deliverables production (drawings, exports, reports…) and increase your productivity
  • Helpers tools, that help your designers and increase your efficiency
  • Normalization tools, that check your model quality and normalize your design

When you install the ORINOX Tools platform, you have access to these tools directly within your different AVEVA solutions.

We are constantly working to improve our tools and create new ones. With the platform that we propose, you will be able to follow the evolution of our tools in real-time: you will have the possibility to update your tools or to install new ones that we will put online.

ORINOX Tools are flexible and customizable to fit your needs, and it is also possible that we develop specific tools according to your needs.

Why use Orinox Tools ?

Increase productivity

ORINOX Tools offers you a set of tools that improve your efficiency and reduce your production time for Drawing and Design phases.

Increase quality

Control the quality of your data and your deliverables by the use of automation tools and checkings tools.


Our tools are flexible and can be customized in a few clicks to fit your needs.

Facilitated collaboration

Standardize your model and your deliverables production by using your own settings and facilitate collaboration.

Easy to use

ORINOX Tools are easy-to-use with user-friendly user interfaces.

Efficient reporting

Access to efficient reporting methods based on your own templates.

Use case

AVEVA Solutions users will be able to save time and costs with OX Tools. Directly integrated within AVEVA solutions interface, smart tools using algorithms will help you to increase design and delivery efficiency, and to enhance quality and uniformity of data and deliverables.

Project Managers & Team Leaders

Ensure deliverables uniformity and increase their production efficiency with automation and massive generation tools. Focus your designer and administrator teams on their real business core by suppressing repetitive and non-added value tasks. Improve quality with “self-check” tools.

Designers & Administrators

Control design conformance to project requirements upon data creation, and reduce reworks with OX Tools check assistance. Easily create drawings and iso thanks to smart functionalities such as pre-positioning of labels, automatic section views, automatic tagging and dimensioning… and many more!

Start using ORINOX Tools

Some of many Deliverable Tools functionalities:

  • mass generation of drawings from a selected volume
  • automatic dimensioning, labelling, annotations
  • intelligent pre-positioning of labels
  • optimization and light representation of structure and handrails
  • generation of isometrics in Draw module (allowing Draw edition functionalities) with 3D rendering

Some of many Normalization Tools functionalities:

  • set piping attributes (temperature, insulation, tracing, fluid) quickly and easily with multiple selection
  • check a list of point on a semi-automatic way to define progress and verify requirements conformance
  • assist users on pipe supports creation
  • adjust distance between pipes with a click
  • automatically connect pipes from the same network

Some of many Helpers Tools functionalities:

  • Model utility assistant for creation of handrails and claddings
  • Volume management utility to facilitate the use in Draw
  • Isometric creation assistance in IsoDraft module
  • Draft and Draw modules utility
  • Rules and style management utility

Contact us to go further with OX Tools.